Why do we need protein?

Why do we need protein

How much protein do I need?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is different?

Heal is definitely not your usual protein shakes that use artificial flavours and colours. All Heal High Protein beverages are flavoured with real authentic ingredients such as Brazilian Coffee & Japan Matcha. It tastes as good as your favourite cafe, but also comes with 16-20g protein.

How much protein in one serving of ?

Each serving consists of 16-20g of high quality protein and all 9 essential amino acids.

Should I drink it hot, cold or at room temperature?

Heal Protein Beverage can be served with room temperature / cold water for convenience. But don't we love to enjoy our favourite beverage hot once in a while? And yes, you can have it that way. Just mix with 150ml of room temperature water first before adding hot water. Adding hot water directly may clump the protein and affect its solubility.

When is the best time to consume ?

You could consume anytime of the day as protein is needed by our body throughout the day. For the purpose of muscle recovery, it would be best to consume within 30 mins right after workout.

What protein base does use?

For High Protein Series, we use whey protein as the main source of protein. For Vegan Protein Series, we use pea protein.

How does taste sweet but with zero-sugar added?

To keep calorie minimal, we use zero-calorie sweeteners such as Stevia (for Vegan Protein Series) and Sucralose (for High Protein Series). These sweeteners do not raise our blood sugar level nor cause tooth decay. Hence, it is diabetic and diet friendly.

Does help to lose weight?

Although not designed specifically for weight loss, protein does help to keep your stomach full and satiated as it takes longer time to digest. It helps to reduce your cravings, hence lowering your calorie intake. Protein is also needed to preserve our muscles during a weight loss program.

How many servings of is recommended daily?

We would recommend 1-3 servings / day of Heal, depending on your daily protein requirement. It is not recommended to rely 100% on our products for your daily protein intake as Heal is design as a health beverage to supplement your food, not replace it.

Is Halal-certified?

All our ingredients come with Halal certification and are processed in Halal-certified facilities. We are in the midst of applying for Halal certification, which should be ready soon.

Is gluten-free?

Yes, it is.

Is keto-friendly?

Although not designed specifically for keto, Heal Protein Beverage are generally high in protein and relatively low in carbs with zero sugar added. 

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