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3 Tips to Drop The Quarantine Weight

Finding it difficult to stick to your usual fitness and diet routine during the COVID-19 quarantine? Relax, cause you’re not alone in trying to make sense of the brave new world we’re living in. If you’re concerned about gaining excess weight or are trying to shed the quarantine bulk, check out our three tips below: […]

4 COVID-19 Gym Rules To Keep You Safe While Working Out

Here’s an unpopular fact: gyms have always been a hotbed of germs and bacteria, thanks to a collective concentration of individuals working out and sweating it out in confined areas. Throw in factors like poor ventilation and improper equipment cleaning, and you’ve created the perfect petri dish to enable the spread of communicable diseases like […]

Recipe: Thick Chocolate Spread

A sister to our popular High-Protein Matcha Spread, this chocolate spread does not hold back. It’s rich, flavourful and high in protein. Spread it on toasts and crackers, or have it with pancakes and ice-cream. It’s your world, we just provide the recipes 😉 Ingredients: 2 servings Heal High Protein Signature Chocolate150ml milk150ml whipping cream10g […]

Recipe: Vanilla Protein Mug Cake

Vanilla Protein Mug Cake

Don’t have a convection oven at home but still want to bake? Microwaveable mug cakes it is! This recipe takes literally 2 minutes to make, it’s 100% vegan and you can barely tell it’s a microwave cake. What are you waiting for? Ingredients 1 serving of Heal Vanilla Almond ½ tsp baking powder 1 tbsp […]

Recipe: Vanilla Yoghurt & Oats Parfait

Vanilla Yoghurt Oats Parfait

This recipe was specially designed for Sahur during the Ramadan period: slow-releasing carbs will provide you with energy throughout the day while avoiding the dreaded afternoon slump. Ingredients Serves 21 cup plain yoghurt 1 serving of Heal Vanilla Almond ¼ cup rolled oats ¼ cup almonds, chopped2 tbsp chia seeds2-3 tbsp honeyChopped/sliced fruits of your […]

Recipe: High Protein Matcha Spread

We have been tagged in many amazing recipes created by our creative customers, so it’s high time we featured their work! We tried this silky smooth High Protein Matcha Spread by @chr15_tian and it received two thumbs up all round the team. You can use this spread on anything at all – bread, biscuits, bagels […]

Recipe: Dalgona Coffee Heal Edition

The popular Korean beverage Dalgona Coffee is all over the Internet, so naturally we had to try it with our very own Heal High Protein Classic Coffee! Ingredients 1 serving (38g) Heal High Protein Classic Coffee2 tbs water, room temperature1 cup milk Method Using an electric whisk, mix Heal High Protein Classic Coffee and water […]

Stocking Up an Emergency Pantry

Confused and frustrated over food shopping during the Movement Control Order (MCO)? Founder of Nutrition Track and nutritionist Adele Wong shares some quick and easy tricks to stock your pantry right during this limited movement period. Here’s what you should consider when you are shopping for your meals: Keep Your Meal Plan Simple It’s easy […]

Recipe: Coconut Cooler Bowl

An ice-cold smoothie bowl is perfect for hot days, especially when you want to spice up your usual smoothie or juice routines. It’s not hard to dress it up for an Instagrammable treat, so get creative and add any toppings you desire. Ingredients 1 cup plain Greek yogurt1 large banana, frozen overnight1 teaspoon vanilla extract3/4 […]