How started?

It all started with our founders, Justin & Fibi and their love-hate relationship with most protein shakes in the market. We all know the importance of protein for general health and fitness goals, yet protein drinks that taste good are hard to find.

Tired of artificial tasting protein shakes, Justin started to find ways to make these nasty protein shakes ‘tolerable’. He added coffee and milk to his protein shake, it tastes slightly better, but still not something he would enjoy drinking everyday. That triggered the idea: Why don’t we flavour our protein drinks with real coffee & tea, instead of artificial flavours and colours? And the rest is history…


Since we started in 2017:

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People Behind

001 - Justin (Round)

Justin, Founder

A finance graduate from London School of Economics who found his passion in fitness and health food. Also a certified fitness trainer himself, Justin was super annoyed by the awful taste of most protein shakes. He is also super meticulous with the taste and quality of Heal. Even until today, he still tasted every batch of Heal protein before it is shipped to ensure we get the best taste and quality every single time.

002 - Phoebe (Round)jpg

Fibi, Co-Founder

Have you ever talked to someone friendly from Heal? That is likely to be Fibi! From a former Shell business analyst to a gym rat, Fibi loves to innovate in the kitchen and she has a lot of delicious protein recipes too. Want to know more about Heal, just have a chat with this friendliest person on earth and she is more than happy to answer your questions.

003 - Elaine (Round)

Elaine, Account Manager

Ever grateful that it is so easy to find Heal at so many convenient locations? You got to credit that to this superwoman! Elaine takes care of all our stockists and inventory to ensure that Heal Protein Beverage is always readily available for you whenever you need it. #nutritionmadeeasy

004 - Kim Wai (Round)

Kim Wai, Logistic Manager

As Elaine’s partner in crime, Kim Wai works closely with Elaine on a daily basis. He plans out delivery routes and distribution to make sure that the best-tasting protein drinks arrive safely in your hands. He is the superhero of our operation.

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