Tired of nasty-tasting protein drinks? 😉

‘Rethink’ delicious protein with

Have you ever drank a protein shake and it tastes like pure chemicals? We all have. 

At Heal, we believe you deserve better! Only using real ingredients, 
Heal Protein Beverage tastes as good as your favourite beverage (if not better),
but comes with 16g – 20g of protein your body needs! 

Why drink ?

High Protein

Each serving of Heal contains 16g - 20g of protein with all 9 essential amino acids to maximise your muscle growth and accelerate your recovery.

<150 Kcal

Worry about calories?
Fret not. One serving of Heal contains less than 150 Kcal and more than 50% of the calories come from protein.

Real Ingredients

Wondering why Heal tastes so good? The answer is simple. We use only premium authentic ingredients. No artificial flavours and colours are added. The simplest ingredients always taste the best.

Natural Caffeine

Need a pre-workout or a morning kick? We've got you covered. Selected flavours of Heal contains naturally-occurring caffeine coming from coffee and tea to help you start your day and remain focused.

is now officially Halal Certified

Hello to all our Muslim friends! 
We are so proud to announce that Heal Protein has just been awarded with the official halal certification.

We would like to thank all our customers for your continuous support and 

we will continue to make the greatest tasting protein beverage in the market just for you!

Shop by Category

Heal High Protein Beverage (dairy)

Want the best tasting protein beverage in town? We’ve got you covered! Our High Protein Beverage comes in a variety of flavours that will not disappoint your tastebuds. 

Each serving comes with 20g Protein.

Heal Vegan Protein Beverage (dairy-free)

Going Vegan or Lactose Intolerant? We have options for you too! Our Vegan Protein Beverage will satisfy your sweet tooth and all with guilt-free nutrition!

 Each serving comes with 16g Protein.


Heal Merchandise

As part of our efforts to encourage the use of reusable bottles, we subsidise substantial cost of our Heal Bottles and ZERO PROFIT is made out of these bottles so everyone can play a part in saving the earth.

100% leak proof and wallet-friendly!

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