A sister to our popular High-Protein Matcha Spread, this chocolate spread does not hold back. It’s rich, flavourful and high in protein. Spread it on toasts and crackers, or have it with pancakes and ice-cream. It’s your world, we just provide the recipes 😉


2 servings Heal High Protein Signature Chocolate
150ml milk
150ml whipping cream
10g butter


  1. Mix two servings of our Signature Chocolate flavour (or any other flavour that you fancy) with 50ml of milk. Give it a good stir/shake till it’s fully dissolved and strain.
  2. Heat up 100ml of milk, 150ml of whipping cream and 10g of butter over low heat. Add in 1-2 tbsp of sugar (or less if you prefer).
  3. Add in the the Signature Chocolate mix and keep stirring over low heat till everything thickens.
  4. Pour it into a jar and store it in a fridge.

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