We have been tagged in many amazing recipes created by our creative customers, so it’s high time we featured their work!

We tried this silky smooth High Protein Matcha Spread by @chr15_tian and it received two thumbs up all round the team. You can use this spread on anything at all – bread, biscuits, bagels or pancakes.


1 serving of Heal High Protein Matcha Latte
150ml milk
100ml whipping cream
1-2 tbs sugar


  1. Mix one serving of Matcha Latte flavour with 50ml of milk. Give it a good stir/shake till it’s fully dissolved. ⁣
  2. Heat up 100ml of milk and 100ml of whipping cream over low heat. Add in 1-2 tbsp of sugar (or less if you prefer).⁣
  3. Add in the the Matcha Latte mix and keep stirring over low heat till everything thickens.⁣
  4. Pour it into a jar and store it in a fridge.⁣

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