Confused and frustrated over food shopping during the Movement Control Order (MCO)? Founder of Nutrition Track and nutritionist Adele Wong shares some quick and easy tricks to stock your pantry right during this limited movement period. Here’s what you should consider when you are shopping for your meals:

Keep Your Meal Plan Simple

It’s easy to go on a cooking frenzy when confined to the comfort of your house but you have to be mindful when preparing your meal. Although cooking offers a good distraction from boredom, you may end up depleting your resources faster than necessary if you go overboard. Keep in mind that your general composition for your diet should remain the same. Consider your current activity level and fill your plate accordingly. 

Fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables

Ideally, you should fill half of your plate with vegetables. Consuming adequate fruits and vegetable is important to ensure your immune system is well and kicking. Opt for a wide variety of canned, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. Apples and oranges can last for a longer period. You can cut up and freeze bananas, mangoes, pineapple, and different berries to consume later. Frozen fruits are perfect for a nutritious home-made smoothie or smoothie bowl.

Don’t forget your macros

Complement your vegetables and fruits with adequate amount carbohydrates, protein and fats. Macronutrients are an essential energy source. Shop for carbohydrates that can be kept for a long period and are perfect to last through the MCO. These include rice, oats and pasta. Quality protein sources include eggs, lean meat, fish and poultry. If meat isn’t your preference, plant-based protein sources such as canned beans, chickpeas or mix beans are great too. For healthy fats, include almonds, cashews, walnuts (opt for plain unsalted), nut butter and extra virgin olive oil in your diet. 

Consider canned or pre-packed food

Consume canned or pre-packed food in moderation and have a variety of it so you get the essential nutrients your body requires. Canned fishes such as tuna, sardines and salmon are an excellent source of protein. For quick grabs, consider protein powders, granola bars, plain wholegrain biscuits and rice crackers that can help you meet your macros. Heal Nutrition provides high-quality whey and vegan protein in a variety of tasty flavours. You can purchase Heal Nutrition without even leaving the house, so now is the best time for you grab some and ensure your daily protein requirement is met.

Avoid overloading on snacks

During your stay home, it’s easy to constantly grab something to munch on. Constant snacking contribute to your daily caloric intake. Having a chocolate bar once a week is fine, but frequent bites can be bad for health. The best way to limit yourself from excessive snacking is to watch the limit when shopping. The lesser you buy, the lesser you consume.

Besides food, many other elements come into play when you are trying to keep yourself healthy during the MCO. Manage your stress well, do simple exercises at home, avoid boredom-snacking and limit your alcohol intake and smoking. Prioritise having a nutritious main meal first before sprinkling the treats in.

For more nutrition-related content, check out Adele’s website ( or follow her on Instagram (@nutritiontrack) for more awesome tips on diet and nutrition!

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