Every different stage of your life will require a different game plan. This rule applies to the changes you’d need to make to your diet as your body evolves too. For women, there’s probably no bigger gamechanger to their health, physique and nutrition than childbearing. Join us as we discover the truth behind protein for pregnant women.

How Much Protein Do Expecting Mothers Need? 

Curious about how much protein you actually need when you’re eating for two? According to experts, expecting mothers are required to consume 75 to 100g of protein daily to ensure optimal fetus development. Furthermore, a pregnant woman’s total calorie intake shouldn’t skyrocket drastically either – the general consensus is that you should be eating an extra 300 calories each day from your second and third trimester onwards. Protein plays a vital role during pregnancy; in addition to ensuring your baby’s growth in the womb (protein intake is linked to brain development and can even influence other health factors such as heart disease and obesity), your body needs the macronutrient for the growth of breast and uterine tissues, and to encourage blood supply. 

Why Protein Shakes during Pregnancy are a Good Idea

At this point, you’re probably wondering – can I benefit from supplementing my diet during pregnancy with protein drinks? There are a couple of definite advantages to supplementing a pregnant woman’s diet with protein. If you’re experiencing morning sickness and poor appetite, you might find it easier to consume protein drinks instead of relying on whole foods. Furthermore, you may feel a lot more tired than usual and not have the energy to cook or even venture out for food during pregnancy. So why not rely on protein powders as a convenient fix to your dietary woes? Last but not least, vegan and vegetarian mothers can also boost their diets with plant-sourced and vegan protein powders to ensure that they hit their daily macro count too. 

However, if you have any concerns about protein powders and pregnancy safety, be sure to consult your obstetrician or primary healthcare physician for their professional opinion first. Rest assured that our products utilise only top quality and all natural ingredients to ensure customer health and satisfaction, as well as its fantastic flavours. Furthermore, Heal Nutrition recently became a Halal-certified brand to give its Muslim clientele better peace of mind and to reach a wider fanbase.

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