Halal for All: Why Heal Nutrition is Halal Certified

Here’s the underlying mantra that spurs much of what goes on in the wellness and fitness sphere: health should be accessible to all, especially when it comes to the best protein powders and supplements available in the market. In an effort to boost greater inclusivity of its products, Heal Nutrition is delighted to announce that it’s a Halal certified brand. 

According to Justin Chan, co-founder of Heal Nutrition, the move to get Heal products Halal-certified was a no-brainer. “We want the tastiest protein beverage to be available to everyone, including our Muslim friends,” he says. “It is always our commitment to keep perfecting our products with the highest international standards. Being Halal-certified by JAKIM is definitely a great recognition to our continuous effort.”

What is Halal-Certification?

Curious to find out more about Halal certification? For starters, the word “Halal” is derived from the Arabic word for “permissible”. When a product is Halal-certified, it means that the manufacturing process, as well as the ingredients utilised in its creation, are in accordance with the guidelines set by the Islamic council (in Malaysia, this falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia or JAKIM).

The list of requirements set by JAKIM is extensive and thorough. From raw materials to transportation used, every step of the manufacturing process must be compliant to standard practises and we are proud to meet all the qualifications.

Heal goes Halal

In addition to giving Muslim Heal Nutrition fans a peace of mind, receiving the Halal certification is a gamechanger as it means that people from all walks of life can now enjoy a delicious cup of Heal, while reaping the nutrition benefits that come with it.

“It’s convenient, healthy, delicious and produced using the highest quality ingredients with the strictest food safety procedures,” Justin enthuses. “And now, we are officially Halal-certified by JAKIM.”

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