Whey VS Pea Protein: What You Need to Know

Differences between whey and pea proteins

A Protein Journey: From Whey to Peas

We get it – the quest for the best protein powder isn’t the easiest one. In a market teeming with options ranging from dairy, vegan and vegetarian proteins, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Listen up, cause we’re about to pit two of the most popular proteins against each other. Are you ready for the whey protein vs pea protein showdown?

Weighing in on Whey

Here’s the 101 on whey you need to know: sourced from the milk protein whey, it also holds bragging rights for being a complete protein. Whey protein is no stranger to gym bros either; it contains all nine essential amino acids required by your body to fuel muscle growth and promote bodily functions. There are three types of whey proteins available: whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate. Whey protein concentrate is concentrated and has a higher nutrient count compared to other types of whey. Next, whey protein isolate is easier to digest than the concentrate variety, thanks to the absence of carbohydrates and lactose. Meanwhile, in whey protein hydrolysate, the protein has been broken down into peptides for faster absorption.

Joining the Peas Corps

Ready to give peas a chance? Pea protein is produced from green and yellow split peas, making it ideal for individuals who are on plant-based diets. Pea protein is a fantastic alternative if you’re prone to dairy, gluten, lactose or soy intolerances. An average serving of pea protein offers between 16 to 24g of protein, at just around 90 to 120 calories. The vegan protein powder is also a great source of iron, offering about 5mg in a serving. 

There’s a catch: pea protein is not a complete protein (like most plant-based protein, it doesn’t contain all nine essential amino acids). Don’t let this factor put you off incorporating pea protein into your diet though. Consuming a balanced diet rich in other sources of proteins and whole grains (eg. rice), is a good way to ensure that you get all the essential amino acids needed to complement the pea protein you’re taking. Our own Heal Nutrition vegan-friendly drinks are formulated to contain all nine essential amino acids that your body needs, so don’t fret!

Complete Protein with Heal Nutrition’s Vegan Line

The drinks from our vegan-friendly line are made with pea protein. With Heal Nutrition, there are three vegan-friendly flavours to choose from: Salted Chocolate, Charcoal Sesame and a brand new addition, Vanilla Almond. Our newest addition is a unique blend of Californian almonds and pea protein with the mild, sweet taste of vanilla. Each serving contains a great 16g of protein at less than 140kcal. 

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