Recipe: Matcha Overnight Oats

Looking to shake up your high protein meals with something a little sweet? This Matcha Overnight Oats recipe was highly popular when we first shared it on our Instagram page!

This is a great breakfast choice as the protein will keep your stomach feeling full and satiated for a longer period. The low glycemic index carbs from the oats will keep energy levels sustained throughout the day.

The Type of Oats Matter!

Overnight oats tend to get a bad rep as the texture of the oats keep skeptics away. Let us tell you this – the type and quality of the oats used matter very, very much! If you’re not a fan of mushy oatmeal, stay away from instant oatmeal. Use good quality rolled oats for better texture, which is what we did for this recipe. Rolled oats are steamed and flattened when processed, and they take a little longer to cook than their instant counterparts.

Not A Fan of Rolled Oats?

Still need convincing? Get your hands on some steel-cut oats instead. Steel-cut oats are chopped groats and take longer to cook than instant or rolled oats. Naturally, these take longer to absorb liquid and retains a chewy bite to its texture after soaking overnight. Just add an additional ½ cup milk to this recipe if you are substituting with steel-cut oats. Bonus points? Make a bigger batch to keep, as the longer you keep them in the fridge, the better they will taste!

Matcha Overnight Oats

⅓ cup of rolled oats⁣
2 tablespoons of chia seeds
1 serving of Heal Matcha Latte⁣
⅓ cup yoghurt⁣
½ cup milk⁣

Just mix them all in a jar and refrigerate overnight. Easy peasy!

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